As farmers came to Northwest Iowa in the late 1800’s to homestead and establish their farm operations, there was a critical need for dependable fire insurance. This insurance was available from privately owned “stock” companies, but the insurance was expensive and the service in Northwest Iowa was generally poor. Throughout the state, groups of local farmers were coming together to form local county mutual insurance associations. The goal of these associations was to provide insurance that was fairly priced, and to allow local service to its members.

In 1890 a group of farmers from Lyon, Sioux and Plymouth counties met and agreed to form a county mutual insurance association. All organizational requirements had been met by the middle of 1891. German Farmers Mutual Insurance Association was founded on July 6, 1891 in Ireton, IA.

The first President of the Association was Henry F. Becker of Ireton. He served in this capacity for 53 years. Other officers elected at this meeting were Hans Moeller (Ireton), Vice President; John Klehn (Rock Rapids, IA), Treasurer; and Albert Doering (Ireton), Treasurer.
In the early years the Association was run from the farm homesteads of the officers. By 1933 the Association had grown to the point where it was necessary to hire a full time manager. Martin T. Moeller had been farming near Carmel, IA and was hired as Secretary (manager) of the Association in 1933. At the same time the Association rented office space and was established in Sioux Center, IA. Martin T. Moeller served as Secretary of the Association until 1953.

In 1953, Jacob I. Moeller replaced his father as Secretary of the Association. In 1958 German Farmers Mutual moved to its current address of 116 N. Main Avenue. Jacob served as Secretary for the Association for 24 years, until his death in 1977.

Martin J. Moeller succeeded his father Jacob in the capacity of Secretary of the Association in 1977. Martin served as Secretary for 30 years, until his death in 2007. In 1992 the current office building was constructed, and it remains a fixture of the Sioux Center Main Avenue.

In 2007 Martin J. Moeller was succeeded by his son, Jason B. Moeller. Today I am the fourth generation of the Moeller family to serve the policy holders of German Farmers Mutual.

With over 80 years of insurance industry experience, current office staff consists of Bruce Koerselman, Vice President and adjuster;  Morgan Noteboom, Administration; and Barb Hoekstra, Administration.

At German Farmers Mutual Insurance Association our goal remains the same after 130 years: To provide local insurance services at a fair price and with exceptional service. Protecting the Farm and Home since 1891 – German Farmers Mutual Insurance Association.

Jason B. Moeller – President/Treasurer

Board of Directors

Sioux County (2025) Steve Rehder
Sioux County(2025)Jeff Eilts
Sioux County(2025)Jerry Muilenburg
Plymouth County (2023)Nick Staab
Plymouth County (2023)David Borchers – Vice Chairman
Plymouth County (2023) Gaylen Tapper – Chairman
Lyon County(2024)Sam Chase
Lyon County(2024)Jeff Kruse
Lyon County (2024)Jim Kennedy


116 N. Main Avenue
P.O. Box 325
Sioux Center, IA 51250

Phone: 712.722.2571
Toll Free: 800.788.2571
Fax: 712.722.2574


For over 100 years we’ve been providing insurance to farm and home owners in Northwest Iowa.
We market our insurance products through independent agents.